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YESYESYES YOU SAW IT COMING!! [13 Jun 2007|07:26pm]



yeah you all know where THAT username came from.

or least you should xDD hahaha

but yeah.. regular updates from now on.. LOOK! it IS already updated.

hur..hur..hur.. o_o so check it out and stuuuufff...

someone make me a layout too please >> xD
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[31 May 2007|09:50am]
*hohoho* So I have my DS!! xD and bought Pokemon ダイヤモンド yesterday (in japanese of course since that way the family would approve and it would always be educational!) Mwhuahua xD Also ended up decorating my ds and buying the アニマル横町 game and got free keychain thing.

My pokemon atm:
Lv. 23 ポッタイシ / Lv. 22 ルクシオ / Lv. 18 パチリス / Lv. 14 ブイゼル / Lv 10 ミミロル


Oh! I finnalllyy got the friggen polo shirt so I ditched the stupid school blazer cos it's way too hot.. .__. But like.. I hate the trains in Japan (especially my area) they only run every hour or whatever..so..basically if you miss your train to school.. even by a few seconds.. YOU'RE DAMN WELL SCREWED!! XD (yeah, as you can tell I was late today) D:

I managed to get back into the Manga Kissetan yesterday to download some shat..been listening to Mix Speaker's, Inc. Could say they are my #1 band at the moment, so happy I will be seeing them next month with 176BIZ, 少女-ロリヰタ-23区, 姫苺, ガイズファミリー, heidi., SCREW, メトロノーム!! :33 Hopefully I can end up meeting Tara (176BIZ) ;__; Shouldn't get my hopes up though.. *sigh*

Tonight I think I'm going to O-CITY with friends for purikura and Mister Donut.. should be fun but I look like complete shit today.. XD HAHA..

PS. anyone know where i can get some nice spiffy shiny lookin' V系/j-indies layouts or whatever..?? ;__; I can't seem to find any(good) ones. And, I don't have time to make my one(even though I should just do that..) DX
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NYAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! o(≧∀≦)o [28 May 2007|10:40am]
This song is TOO addicting..


You've created a monstahhh.

Hyahya! xD;;

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[27 May 2007|03:53pm]

Sooo... WOOOW.. xD I am in a Manga Kissetan! The maid at the desk is an older woman. But she gave me free pepsi so that makes again excitement! ROFL XDD

Basically yesterday went to the Beach with friends and club members for yakiniku and yakisoba. まっちゃん..ゆうこ and ゆき were there!! ^A^!! It was so much fun and at the end りょう did magic tricks for us (HE IS SO GOOD) O__O It was amazing! He changes the color of the playing cards and make coins dissapear and reappear in different locations on the beach.. wtffff. It was really fun, yeah but after that I noticed how red my arms were from major sunburn. It was too hot yesterday!! D:

Then we went to watch our Highschool's Baseball game (apparently the best team in the prefecture) And they were pretty good from what I saw, but I don't really know anything about baseball so I can't really say. HOHOHO XDD

Later we went to hang out at Pavillion City, bumping into almost all my Teachers from school.. it was so awkward.. @__@ But then got lost on my way home and was late to my Birthday dinner. The food was nice and all but I was completely ignored by everyone that night ;__;

But yeah.. tomorrow is my 18th Birthday. Nothing planned. No party. Nothing.

It's depressing but hopefully next year when I come back to Australia I can have a nice big 19th Birthday to make up for not having one for my 18th?? ^^ But I think I might ask some friends and stuff to come watch POTC3 on Tuesday.. hmmhmmm..

My net time is almost up.. but after this I'm gonna go buy the new CURE and アニメーシュ magazine. GAHHH AYABIE'S NEW OUTFIT.. *o* YUMEHITO... looks good as always.. *luffs* And tomorrow I need to get my remaining travellers cheques changed at the bank during lunch so after school I can buy the DS lite and Pokemon Diamond or Pearl that I have wanted for soooo long. :3

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[24 May 2007|10:27am]
LOL sooo I realise that I had abondoned(sp?) the journal completely since I came to Japan.. *hangs head in shame* But yeah I'll be updating more regularly from now on (BE HAPPY!) xD And making this friends only.. eventually.. and making a new layout.... eventually and etc, you kinda get it. XD! I also want to be able to start reading everyones journals again (except that I don't really have the time to read past-entries but I'll start from now on) So people who still remember me (and luff me xD) Comment here and fill me in on the happenings with yourselves.. (NO TIME.. I SWEAR ITS NOT COS IM LAZY T__T hah) But yeah.. I'm at school now but I'm gonna try to get my ass into a net cafe tonight or tomorrow so expect a proper entry soon! Mm.. yeah.. Bye cakes! :3
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[20 Mar 2007|10:15am]
We're leaving to go to the Airport now.

Stopping via Singapore to Tokyo Narita Airport.

I'll miss all of you so much. Wish me luck!

<3 Byebye!
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[11 Mar 2007|09:02pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

[11 Mar 2007|03:18am]
[ mood | tired ]

(゚Д゚)ハァ? Ehhh it's 3am, so as you can tell from this quick-update we didn't go on the long-weekend trip afterall. But I just got a fax from the first family I will stay with. My host-parents are both Teachers..kind of. One teaches Math and the other is a Librarian!(゚∀゚)・・・・!!This is exciting news. But I will only be living with them for 1 week, my real family haven't contacted me yet. I don't think they even have internet.....

~(•_•~) SHOCK!  Anyway it's really latetoo early so I want to go to sleep again soon, but I wish a certain someone would get online right about now(;´Д`) *starts randomly kicking air* Meh I'll go check out my Youtube Subscriptions for a bit before I sleep.. maybe he'll show up soon.. Should just be patient~haha, Oyasumi.

(EDIT-- Meanwhile, most of you should go take that test in my last post! Haha!)

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[10 Mar 2007|02:21pm]
[ mood | bored ]

LeaderboardTake it! (◎∀◎) FOR FUN! ☆*laughs evilly* No, really. Please do!^^

Today I was skateboarding in the morning to take my Dog for a walk and there was this ugly little yappy Pomeranian in front of us, and my huge Labrador charge for it and pulled me with him, sending me skidding across the ground. I cut my knee up yet AGAIN (last time this happened was just a month ago when I was SO close to being hit by a car.. and the cut JUST healed too.. damn!) So now I can't exactly walk or do anything. I'm such a cripple..ヾ( ゚д゚)ノ゛*waves arms around screaming*
But yes, I just call a call from my Parents. I'll be gone all weekend and be back on Tuesday. We're going out to Aireys Inlet for the weekend..(´・ω・`)Uhm.. so unexpected and sudden.. But we are leaving tonight (I really don't think I'll have internet since we'll be all the way out HERE. Haha!) But I will miss all of you, the next time I talk to you will most likely be Tuesday night then. Monday we're going up to the Mountains to visit a family friend who lived + worked in Japan for 25 years and talk to her. We've also been tracking down lost family mmbers in Japan recently that we haven't spoken to in so long.. So it would be nice if I could meet them again while I'm in Japan..♪♪♪(´ω`) Hm hmmm!
I'm trying to save up for a Nintendo DS, I would like to get one as soon as possible.. before leaving I would hope. I don't care if it's second hand.. I just want the damn console and some games to entertain me on the plane.. that AND I will definately be getting Pokemon Diamond & Pearl in Japan.. IT'S A DAMN' MUST!(゜_゜) I have been dying to play these game for.. EVER(okay I lie but still a very long time, ne..)♡ I need either $47 or $77 more depending if I get one second-hand or not(;´д`)

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[10 Mar 2007|01:36am]
[ mood | lonely ]

There is a boy that I'm really missing right now. He hasn't come online for a few days already..(´・ω;`) *hits head on desk*  The second I see him online next, he's gonna get a hot virtual raping.. (*´∀`)ノ Hell yes! *laughs*

11 more days, people. No.. 10 days, sorry!! Since it's currently 1am already it's 10 days now. Ahh! I made a new friend today~ Celvie! Such an awesome name and she's so pretty too(ゝω・)v *jealous* But as I was trying to say; she will be in Japan this year too but nowhere near me unfortunately. Butwe'll have to meet atleast once, she's so nice and we have alot in common!(´≧ω≦`)Still can't come to finally accept that I will be leaving for Japan so soon.. I'm more scared and nervous than excited, I think. So many things crossing my mind; What if my family don't like me? What if I can't make any friends at school? I hope I can understand people and be able to communicate?! Thinking this over and over.. How the hell will I hope if I get so homesick that it drives me crazy? What if I don't like it there?>< I should really stop worrying it's only making it harder for me. THINK HAPPY THOUGHTS! THINK HAPPY FUCKIN' THOUGHTS!(  *′д  )ノ

Oh yes( ' A ` ) White Day Meet tomorrowtoday. & need to help Michi with making a Kimono・・

Also, note to self: Try out the new "hi-tech" Purikura box before I leave!!*laughs*(;´∀`) 

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[08 Mar 2007|07:10pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

I was thinking whether or not I should actually update this damn thing! You guys should by now know how lazy I am.. haha. (^∀^)o "To update or not to update, to update or - ARGH WTF I MIGHT AS WELL JUST GET IT OVER WITH!" *ahem* Soooo.. (;゜ Д゜) checking the calender I see I have just under 2 weeks left until I'm off to Japan. It's exciting when you think about it, but I'm actually more scared/nervous than I should be.. and I don't really know why either....>< I've tried to contact some of the other people I'll be flying over with but only managed to get ahold of 1 out of the 3.. We'll most likely be on the same flight *fingers crossed*

On another more positive note.. After finally clearing up some space on my laptop I was able to download ep 20 of Death note and.. ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ!! Oh my god it was seriously like one big, messy, explosive, in-your-face orgasm..(≧∇≦*) And seeing my beloved Mikami, Mello and Near.. wow.. just.. wow.. I think I creamed my pants one to many times having watched the OP over and over. It is amazing, the music.. and visuals.. and I cannot stress enough how perfect the new OP + ED song are for DN.. (つ∀`*) Ahh jeez I'm so pumped for the next few episodes. Minus the *cough*death*cough*( ;´д`)of a certain character. But overall..マキシマム ザ ホルモン FTW!

And now being the wonderful Wednesday night that it is, I'm going to go off to watch House, Medium then 2-fucking-4. Goodnight, betches(・ω・`)!!

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